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Window Shade Directions

Regular RollCMYK

Reverse RollCMYK

Measuring Your Window

Measuring Height

Measure the full height of your window opening from top frame to lower sill and add 12 inches. These extra 12 inches are the “safety margin” to permit the shade to be drawn full length with no danger of it being torn from the roller.

Height Measurment

Measuring Width

Inside Mount

Measure the exact distance between the points where the brackets are to be placed, inside the window casement. Specify on your order “Tip Inside Bracket” (TIB). Factory allows for bracket clearance.

Inside Mount

Outside Mount

Measure between the points where brackets are to be placed. It is recommended that the brackets be placed to allow ½” to 2” overlap on each side of the casement. Specify on your order “Tip Outside Bracket” (TOB)

Outside Mount

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